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SMART Recovery Programs in Idaho

Many addiction treatment programs such as the famous Alcoholics Anonymous (started in the 1930s) has changed very little since their creation. Even when new information about substance abuse and addiction becomes available through scientific studies, the majority of treatment programs remain the same. The SMART Recovery program’s main advantage is that it can assimilate all of the new discoveries made by science in the field of addiction and addiction treatment. SMART Recovery incorporates many of the most successful techniques and methods of treatment into one conclusive program that is suited for a variety of individuals suffering from substance use disorder in Idaho.


SMART Recovery: what is it?

The program uses scientifically driven methods such as cognitive, behavioral and motivational methods to treat the people who join the program. It is a non-profit organization that is also known as the Self-Management and Recovery Training program, or SMART. Patients learn treatment methods at the meetings held regularly across the Idaho. The program uses the SMART Toolbox to implement its four-point program aimed at helping individuals break their initial addiction.


What is the four-point program?

The program makes use of its unique four-point program to achieve its success in treating substance use disorder. It is a stepped based system that requires that an individual going through treatment complete each step in order to achieve sobriety. It starts with motivation. Motivation needs to be built where it is lacking and once a person is motivated, they are taught how to maintain their motivation for positive change. Following this step, a person is taught how to deal with the urges they feel to abuse the substance again. According to JAMA, forty to sixty percent of addicts relapse after treatment. This is why learning to cope with urges is crucial.

The next step is the control one’s own feelings, behavior and thoughts so that a mental balance can be achieved. This involves therapy to work through the issues that the individual is experiencing that may be driving them to substance abuse. The final point is about leading a balanced life. This incorporates all of the things that a person needs to do in their life in order to feel happy and satisfied, with drugs and alcohol.


What happens in the SMART Recovery program?

The program takes an individual through all of the aspects that they need to learn and work through in order to recover fully. It does this in the following way:

  • People in the program are taught how to be self-reliant and empowered.
  • It focuses on helping people to go on to lead happy lives after they recovered from substance use disorder.
  • Frequent meetings are available where members can learn about new treatment methods and scientific research on addiction to various substances.
  • Techniques that a person can use to initiate change within themselves is taught.
  • It looks at addiction as a complex disease that may have other attributing factors such as another mental disorder.
  • The program supports all of the proven methods of treating psychological disorders with various medications as well as during detoxification. The medication can also be used to block the effects of certain drugs, helping to prevent relapse.
  • The SMART Recovery program is always evolving with the new scientific knowledge and this information is passed down to its members allowing them to fully benefit from new treatment methods and relapse prevention techniques.


Addiction can affect nearly any person. Addiction treatment programs such as this scientifically driven one can help to establish the right priorities in a person’s life again and assist them in creating a life that can make them happy.